Raw Goat Milk For Sale

We licensed to sell raw milk for animal consumption only. Milk is $8 per half gallon and is frozen unless fresh milk is requested in advance. Please contact for volume purchase pricing.

Our milk comes from Alpines, Nubians, and Nigerian Dwarfs. Nigerian Dwarfs have the highest percentage of protein and fat of all dairy goats, making their milk more nutrient dense! Raw goat milk is an excellent option for bottle babies of all species and animals that need nutritional support.

Please email info@merrytalefarm.com or call/text 812-603-2741 for availability and to schedule a milk pick up.

If you are looking for raw goat milk for human consumption, click here for a list of licensed dairies in Texas.

Warning: Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria.