MerryTale RP Amidala 2*M AR VEEE 90

1x Reserve Grand Champion Sr


Sire: GCH/MCH Chicks with Goats Rebel Poe +B VEE 90
SS: Open Hands Farm Totes Mcgoats (Agape Oaks FC Miracle x Agape Oaks REM Dazzling Dixie)
SD: AGS Mesquite Meadows Summer (AGS Serendipity Acres R Ricochet x AGS Southern Drawl Lady Luck)

Dam: GCH Carrheart Adeline *M AR VEEV 87
DS: TX Twincreeks JF Blue Bayou *B (Piddlin Acres BJ Jayfeather *B x GCH Twin Creeks Obsidian Bay 2*M VEEE 90)
DD: TX Twincreeks H Flower Girl (TX Twincreeks RM Hawthorne *B x GCH TX Twincreeks MS Maid of Honor 2*M VEEE 90)

3Y 3F udder
Amidala as a 2Y 2F at 2022 AGS Nationals
MerryTale RP Amidala 2*M AR, second freshening at 1 week fresh
MerryTale RP Amidala 2*M AR, second freshening at 1 week fresh

linear appraisal

VEEE 90 @ 3Y 3F

+VVV 85 @ 2Y 2F (3 months fresh)


VG 86.8 (2Y 2F)

General Appearance: VG
Dairy Character: VG
Body Capacity: VG
Mammary: VG

DHIR Record

Highest Test: 3.9 lbs

2022 (2F)
DIM: 233
Milk: 540
Fat: 33
Prot: 22

2021 (FF)
DIM: 280
Milk: 490
Fat: 31
Prot: 19

Show Record

  • Reserve Grand Champion – 2024 CTDGA Youth Show
  • 1st place 2 yr old – 2022 April Showers
  • 1st place x2 – 2020 Hamilton Legends Dairy Christmas
  • 1st and 3rd place – 2020 Heart of Oklahoma
  • 2nd & 3rd place – 2020 SCTDGA Memorial Classic
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd – 2020 Cajun Classic in Louisiana


FF: Feb 2021 – 2 does (by Brazos Valley HP Hutch *B)
MerryTale H Luminara

2F: Feb 2022 – 4 does (by Dragonfly CP Lenus +B VVV 88)
MerryTale LE Fennec Shand (retained), Cara Dune, Tahiri, Nomi

3F: Mar 2023 – 2 does, 1 buck (by MerryTale SS Deal Me In *B)

4F: May 2024 – 1 doe, 2 bucks (by MerryTale SS Mister GQ)

Additional Photos

Amidala as a yearling FF
2020 AGS Nationals
Amidala at 4 months old