Merrytale HE Sweetie Pie


Sire: MerryTale LE Happy Ending
SS: GCH/MCH Dragonfly CP Lenus +B VVV 88 (Dragonfly IH Helios x GCH Dragonfly HEL Sulis VEEE 92)
SD: Lost Valley JJ Cinderella 3*M/5*D V+EE 89 (Lost Valley C JoJo *B/*S x Lost Valley ML Hallelujah 2*M/4*D)

Dam: MerryTale RP Honey 2*M GVVV 87
SS: GCH/MCH Chicks with Goats Rebel Poe +B VEE 90 (Open Hands Farm Totes Mcgoats x AGS Mesquite Meadows Summer)
SD: SGCH/MCH BRK Dairy Farms Belle Star *M VEEE 91 (Slade’s Serendipity Goldfeather +B x SLA Tky Charmaine)


FF – May 2024 – 1 doe

Yearlings FF with a single