Dragonfly CP Lenus VG+ 89.3

Linebred on Dragonfly RY Topaz, the 2011 ADGA National Grand Champion

Dam IS GCH and VEEE 92

multiple daughters with junior legs

freshened daughters with lovely mammary systems

Sire: Dragonfly IH Helios
SS: Promiseland Incredible Hunk
SD: Dragonfly RY Topaz VVEV 89 (Caesar’s Villa Rebel Yell x Flat Rocks Tiger’s Eye V+VV 88)

Sire’s dam is the 2011 National Grand Champion

Dam: GCH Dragonfly HEL Sulis VEEE 92
DS: Dragonfly IH Helios (Promiseland Incredible Hunk x Dragonfly Topaz)
DD: Dragonfly HLJ Inana V+EV 86 (Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah x Dragonfly HFX Ishtar ++VV 85)

Dragonfly RY Topaz, 2011 National Grand Champion
Photo cred: Dragonfly
GCH Dragonfly HEL Sulis VEEE 92
Photo cred: Dragonfly

AGS Classification

VG+ 89.3 @4-04

General Appearance: VG+
Dairy Character: VG+
Body Capacity: VG+


Progeny photos are courtesy of KidCo Nigerians

KidCo LE Anisette
KidCo LE Anisette, FF
KidCo LE Ophelia
KidCo LE Ophelia, FF
KidCo LE Porsche
KidCo LE Porsche, FF