Dragonfly CP Lenus VVV 88/VG+ 89.3

2022 AGS National Reserve Grand Champion

1x BIS, 1x GCH, 1x RGCH

Line bred on Dragonfly RY Topaz, the 2011 ADGA National Grand Champion

multiple daughters with junior legs and freshened daughters with lovely mammary systems

Sire: Dragonfly IH Helios
SS: Promiseland Incredible Hunk
SD: Dragonfly RY Topaz VVEV 89 (Caesar’s Villa Rebel Yell x Flat Rocks Tiger’s Eye V+VV 88)

Sire’s dam is the 2011 National Grand Champion

Dam: GCH Dragonfly HEL Sulis VEEE 92
DS: Dragonfly IH Helios (Promiseland Incredible Hunk x Dragonfly Topaz)
DD: Dragonfly HLJ Inana V+EV 86 (Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah x Dragonfly HFX Ishtar ++VV 85)

Dragonfly RY Topaz, 2011 National Grand Champion
Photo cred: Dragonfly
GCH Dragonfly HEL Sulis VEEE 92
Photo cred: Dragonfly

Linear Appraisal & Classification

VVV 88 @4-11

VG+ 89.3 @4-04

General Appearance: VG+
Dairy Character: VG+
Body Capacity: VG+


Progeny photos are courtesy of KidCo Nigerians

KidCo LE Anisette
KidCo LE Anisette, FF
KidCo LE Ophelia
KidCo LE Ophelia, FF
KidCo LE Porsche
KidCo LE Porsche, FF