89.5 AGS classification at age 2

1x Best In Show
3x Grand Champion
5x Reserve Champion

2020 AGS Nationals Reserve Champion

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Poe is a February 2018 chamoise buck with abundant white. He is a dual finished champion, . He was the 2020 AGS Nationals Reserve Grand Champion behind a 7-year-old finished champion.

Sire: Open Hands Farm Totes McGoats
SS: SG Agape Oaks FC Miracle +B (Flat Rocks Fire Cracker x Goodwood Gretta)
SD: Agape Oaks REM Dazzling Dixie (Agape Oaks GHIR Rememberance EVE 90 x SG Agape Oaks M Irresistable)

Dam: AGS Mesquite Meadows Summer
SS: AGS Serendipity Acres R Ricochet
SD: AGS Southern Drawl Lady Luck

Lost Valley CC Red Man *B

Red Man is a March 2018 red and white buck with blue eyes.

Sire: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns
SS: GCH/MCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus +*B/*+S (Gay-Mor’s RA Kingwood ++*S x GCH/ARMCH Lost Valley RTW Madison 3*M/3*D)
SD: GCH/ARMCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*M/2*D (ARMCH Goodwood Tahoe +*S x Goodwood Sisley 1*M/*D VG)

Callisto was the 2008 National Champion and 20010 Reserve National Champion.

Dam: GCH/ARMMCH Lost Valley Z Mai Tai 3*M/4*D
DS: GCH/MCH Hill Country’s BB Zydeco +B/+S (Steele Ballew Blue Bayou +S x MCH Goodwood Carmen *D)
DD: GCH/ARMCH Lost Valley KW Shiraz 2*M/3*D (Gay-Mor’s RA Kingwood ++*S x Hill Country’s Shatarr 1*M/2*D)


Hutch is a chocolate and white 2019 buck. His dam, Nadine, and grand dam, Diva, both won 2018 AGS Top Ten Awards:

  • High Milk One Day Test in a three way for for 1st was Harlequin Nadine (Hutch’s dam) and Harlequin HW Diva (Hutch’s grand dam)
  • Diva was also 9th for High Score One Day Test

Sire: Harlequin FF Hodgeberry Pie
SS: Harlequin RB Firefly (SG Piddlin Acres BRS Reboot VEE 89 x Dill’s FK Lightning Bug VEEV 89)
SD: SGCH Agape Oaks GL Cookies N’ Cream 3*M EEEE 91 (Flat Rocks Gem’s Legacy VEE 88 x Agape Oaks Oreo EEEE 92)

Dam: Harlequin Nadine 3*M
DS: SG Dill’s TS Banjo ++*B (SG Dill’s D Two-Step x SGCH Dill’s XM Keena EEEE 92)
DD: Harlequin HW Diva 2*M (Harlequin C Heatwave x Dill’s XM I Got Music)

winning streak eb simon says *B

Simon is a buckskin with extreme white overlay, born November 2020.

Sire: Phoenix Farm Exotic Bird +*B
SS: Castle Rock Iceberg +*B (CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++*B x GCH Castle Rock Black Ice 2*M EEEE92)
SD: SGCH Phoenix Farm Summer Bird 4*M EEEE91 (GCH AGS TX Twincreeks FAX Summerknight ++*B VEE90 x SGCH NC Promiseland RC Bonnie 3*M VEEE91)

Dam: Winning Streak Hop Scotch 1*M (+VVV85 FF)
DS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B VVE88 (CH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable x GCH Wood Bridge Farm Countnblessns 1*M VEEV89)
DD: Winning Streak MB You’re It (Egidio EOT Monkey Business x Egidio WL Celesta 1*M)


Sire: CH/MCH Chicks with Goats Rebel Poe
SS: Open Hands Farm Totes Mcgoats (Agape Oaks FC Miracle x Agape Oaks REM Dazzling Dixie)
SD: AGS Mesquite Meadows Summer (AGS Serendipity Acres R Ricochet x AGS Southern Drawl Lady Luck)

Dam: BRK Dairy Farms Belle Star 1*M
SD: Slade’s Serendipity Goldfeather (Piddlin Acres Redneck Carnival x Piddlin Acres AP Patina)
DD: SLA Tky Charmaine (Proctor Hill Farm BO Tekillya x J-Nels ER Delight)