Mohair Fleeces

If you’re interested in purchasing mohair from our Colored Angoras, please contact us for available fleeces. Fleeces are typically sold raw, unwashed, with little or no vm (vegetable matter). We skirt while we shear and then go through each fleece with great love and care to remove any vm, matted hair or second cuts. Fleeces are sold by weight, plus shipping.

Looking for white mohair? We have that too! Can sell in bulk or smaller quantities of washed or unwashed locks for crafting or felting.

If you need a smaller amount of mohair and would like to purchase by the ounce, please contact us via email or Facebook messenger to see what we have available.

First clip kid mohair fleece
Peachy-apricot color
1 lb 6 oz
5.5 in staple
Locked & bundled
$88 plus shipping
First clip kid fleece
Mocha with reddish-blonde tips
11 oz
4.5 inch staple
Lightly washed
$44 plus shipping
2nd clip kid fleece
Sandy blonde
1 lb 11 oz
4” staple
$108 plus shipping
2nd clip kid fleece
Sandy blonde
1 lb 7 oz
3.5” staple
$80 plus shipping
Washed Fine adult fleece
Silvery taupe
1 lb 15 oz
4 inch staple
$93 plus shipping
Fine adult
Silvery taupe
2 lbs 15 oz
5 inch staple
$141 plus shipping
Fine adult