For Sale

This page will be updated as animals become available. Many times our goats are sold to those on our waiting list before they make it onto our website. Check out our breeding schedule and let us know if you would like on our waiting list for a buck or doe from a specific pairing.

Our complete herd is CAE tested negative as of June 2021.

Before purchasing a goat from us, please be sure to read our sales policy.

If you’re new to goats, please read this article on things to consider before buying or bringing goats home. Wethers are a great option if you’re just starting out or looking for pets. If you don’t already have goats, you’ll need to get two kids. Scroll to the bottom of the page for bucks available as wethers.

Pet Wethers/Unregistered Bucklings

$150 each, $250 for a pair, $100 each for 3 or more

Additional bucklings may be available that are not pictured. Please contact for more information.

Buckling P42
Buckling P40
Buckling P41