Colored Angoras

Our Colored Angoras are all CAGBA registered and bred for correct conformation, mohair quality and color. We shear our goats and offer their beautiful mohair fleeces for sale to hand spinners, crafters, and doll makers. Their unique fiber makes them stand out among other goat breeds and they are often confused for sheep!



Frosty WC 0314

Frosty is a gorgeous 2018 copper red buck bred by Wolf Creek Farm. He is by Cody Roche’s buck, Adonis MVN 0029, and out of Rana’s Dip N Dots 0023. His first kid crop was born Spring 2019 and he sired 2 gorgeous red doe twins with frosted ears and 1 red buck kid.


Gingerbeard is a 2019 buck kid by Frosty and out of Cream Puff.


Dotty WC 0381

Dotty is a 2016 red doe sired by Star Struck RANA 018 and out of Lady Gambler WC FT0299. In her first kidding in February 2019, she had red doe twins with frosted ears (like their sire, Frosty).

Cream Puff

Tiny Tot WC FT 0383

Cream Puff is a 2016 apricot cream doe sired by Star Struck RANA 018 and out of Tiny TOP 1412. She has a mix of red and black genetics, and in her first kidding in Feb 2019 threw a single red buckling.

Rutabaga and Sarsaparilla

These girls are 2019 doe twins by Frosty out of Dotty. Sassy has the darker face.

We bought four white Angora nannies at auction and will be going through the inspection process to get them registered.