Alpine Bucks

pleasant-grove lucas mysterio

February 1, 2022

Mysterio at 5 months old

Sire: Hoach’s SDPB Lilly’s Lucas
SS: Sand Dance PQR Britain +*B (Pearl Valley PGS Quiet Riot x GCH Sand Dance Hill Beyonce’)
SD: Hoach’s PGMM Lilly’s Crossing 1*M – DHIA 2-0 297d 3216M, 3.3% 105F, 2.6% 83P (Pleasant Grove Mink Maestro x Hoach’s Lyric Lefevre)

Mysterio’s littermate sister, Pleasant-Grove Lucas Myla, scored GVGV 84 as a yearling first freshener with DHIA 1-00 245d, 2041M, 2.8% 57F, 2.8% 57P. Her breeder says Myla is a flashy yearling and while still needing to mature quite a bit, she already excels in dairyness, overall udder attachment, rump width and angle, and walks on an excellent set of rear legs. She had solid production as a milking yearling, and they expect that she will reach the same type and production standards set by her maternal family.

Dam: Pleasant-Grove Medalion Mylion VEVV 88 – DHIA 2-00 289d 3105M, 2.9% 91F, 2.8% 88P
DS: Hoach’s Rose Medallion (Hoach’s NW Zeanna Genesis x GCH Crystal Creeks Irish Rose)
DD: Pleasant-Grove Framed Myina VEEE 91 (Pleasant-Grove RR Freeze Frame x Pleasant-Grove Atlas Myuna VEEE 91)

Pleasant Grove Frame Myina VEEE 91

J2CN farms Love doctor

Sire: Reata RTM Wesley
SS: Reata RBM Traveling Man (Reata RZB Blue Moon x CH Reata Pretty in Pink)
SD: Reata RWT Summer Storm VEVE 90 (Reata DFA Wild Turkey x Reata Calypso’s Daybreak)

Dam: CH Hardluck-Hollow KKA Bug Dust
DS: Kara-Kahl Atlas (Pleasant-Grove Zen Wingding x GCH Kara-Kahl PGL Arugula VEEE 91)
DD: GCH Hardluck-Hollow WFKS Gold Dust (GCH Windrush Farms Kona Striker VEV 89 x GCH Hardluck-Hollow WABF Glamore VEVE 90)