2024 Kidding Schedule

Updated 4/9/24. For the most recent, up-to-date kidding schedule, click here.

Reservation POLICY

To reserve the option to purchase a kid, a $100 reservation fee is required with remaining balance due within 14 days of notification of birth. If your choice of kid is not available, we will gladly transfer your deposit to another kid or you can choose to roll over the reservation to that doe’s next kidding.

Reservation fees are non-refundable. If for any reason a sale is canceled, no monies will be refunded. Prices are subject to change at our discretion (and likely will as a doe ages and participates in performance programs including show, milk test and linear appraisal). When you make a reservation, you will lock in the price posted for that freshening. Prices quoted are for reserved kids picked up or shipped between 3 to 6 weeks of age. We do not guarantee these prices for animals purchased after birth. As the breeder/owner of these animals, we do reserve the right to keep any animal born. Kids rejected by buyer due to color/eye color/wattles is considered a cancelled reservation.  

currently available

For information and photos on kids and/or adults that are currently available, click the button below!