2023 AGS National Show Results

Our herd had a great showing at the 2023 AGS National Show in Brownwood, TX. It was super hot and sweaty, but they did us proud.


  • MCH Dragonfly CPLenus +B VVV 88 – 1st place aged buck
  • Calf Creek P King Kandy – 2nd place yearling buck

senior nigerians

***1st Place Dairy Herd***

  • SGCH BRK Dairy Farms Belle Star *M VEEE 91 – 2nd 5+ yr old, 2nd place Youth
  • GCH Carrheart Pretty Nyssa *M VEEE 91 – 3rd place 5+ yr old
  • SGCH BRK Dairy Farms Poker Alice *M VEEV 89 – 4th place 5+ yr old, 3rd place Youth
  • GCH Fawn HR Treasures of Ruth *M EEEE 91 – 3rd place 4 yr old, 2nd place Youth (she laid on her udder and let milk out of one side 😭)
  • Viva TC Lyanna Stark *M GVVE 87 – 3rd place 3 yr old, 1st place Youth
  • MerryTale RP Amidala *M VEEE 90 – 7th place 3 yr old
  • Winning Streak CM Reflection GAGE 84 – 1st place 2 yr old, 1st place Youth

junior nigerians

Juniors were shown in youth only.

  • MerryTale KK Margaret – 3rd place 4-8 month
  • MerryTale SS Imitation – ? can’t remember placing in 12-18 month
  • MerryTale LE Zarina – 2nd place 18-24 month

MerryTale KK Emerson, owned by Ryleigh Birmingham, won AGS Youth National Grand Champion Jr Nigerian

MerryTale KK Emerson won 2023 AGS Youth Nationals Grand Champion Jr Doe

standard does

  • CH Circle 4B Ranch TheQueens Opal – 1st place 2 yr old Alpine, 1st place AOP Youth
  • CH Prairie Thyme Arya – ? Can’t remember what place 2 yr old Alpine
  • In Youth AOP, can’t remember placing but it was Arya, followed by Luna, and then Lynn
  • Circle B Nubians Perfect Ivy – 3rd place 4-8 month AOP Youth

This is what’s it’s all about

More than anything, we loved getting to hang out with our goat friends. These friendships make showing even more fun!

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