2021 AR Milk Stars

Hooray! Milk test records from 2021 have been processed and these stars are finally official!

Official ADGA DHIR Lactation Record for 2021

Congrats to all our girls who received their AR stars! ST milk stars have yet to be processed, but some girls will be added to that list as well. So much hard work to achieve these awards.

In order to receive an AR Star, a doe must be in milk for a minimum of 240 days, have 8 milk tests on record including a verification test, and achieve the minimum amount required in production, butterfat, or protein.

2021 AR Star Recipients

  • Carrheart Adeline 1*M
  • GCH/MCH (pending) BRK Dairy Farms Belle Star 1*M
  • BRK Dairy Farms Poker Alice 1*M
  • Dill’s PL Springerle 4*M
  • Dill’s SS Aura 5*M
  • Lost Valley JJ Cinderella 3*M
  • GCH/MCH (pending) Fawn HR Treasure’s of Ruth 1*M
  • MerryTale RP Amidala 2*M
  • MerryTale RP Hera Syndulla 2*M
  • MerryTale RP Ahsoka Tano 2*M

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