2022 ADGA Linear Appraisal

Our first linear appraisal was such a learning experience. Not only about our own animals, but also about the LA program and how to interpret scores on animals that evaluating/contemplating adding genetics from. This is such a valuable program!

There were a few surprises, with some animals scoring higher than I thought they would and a couple scoring lower. Condition of the animal, time since freshening, animal health and so many other factors go into the appearance of the animal on the day of appraisal. I think it will be very interesting to track these animals as they grow and mature and see how their scores change!

My yearling FF girls were complimented on their productive mammaries with great support, attachment and shape, but we’ll be working on adding medial and improving teat placement. Additionally, we’ll be working on front ends.

Six Year Olds:

  • Carrheart Adeline VGVV 87
  • Dills PL Springerle GEVV 84

Five Year Olds:

  • Lbug’s SA Glimmer VVEV 88

Four Year Olds:

  • BRK Dairy Farms Belle Star +EEE 89
  • Lost Valley JJ Cinderella V+EE 89
  • BRK Dairy Farms Poker Alice VEEV 88
  • Carrheart Tinkerbell +EVV 85
  • Carrheart Pretty Nyssa ++E+ 82

Three Year Olds:

  • GCH (pending) Fawn HR Treasures of Ruth EEEE 91
  • Dills SS Aura (3F) +E+V 86

Two Year Olds:

  • SK Bullnettle TTC Gianna B V+VV 86
  • MerryTale RP Amidala +VVV 85
  • MerryTale RP Hera Syndulla +V++ 83
  • MerryTale RP Ahsoka Tano – NIC (sick)

First Fresheners:

  • Viva TC Lyanna Stark V+VV 86
  • Carrheart BM Indigo Rain V+V+ 83
  • Winning Streak CM Reflection +V++ 83
  • BRK Dairy Farms Moxie ++V+ 83
  • Double B Goats Bell’s Ariel G+V+ 81
  • MerryTale RP Phasma ++++ 81
  • Old McMullen Farm Spring Roll ++++ 81
  • MerryTale RP Crown Jewels +++G 80
  • MerryTale RP Blackbird G+G+ 79
  • MerryTale RP Queen of Diamonds G+GG 77
  • MerryTale RP Wendy Darling G+GG 76


  • CH/MCH Chicks with Goats Rebel Poe VEE 90
  • Dragonfly CP Lenus VVV 88

Yearling Bucks:

  • Lost Creek LAK Fireball Whisky ++V 83
  • Winning Streak EB Simon Says +++ 82
  • Carrheart Snow Covered Hills +++ 80

Alpine: 3Y 2F: Patteran Justified Levity +EVE 86

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