2020 Heart of Oklahoma Show Results

Super excited for MerryTale RP Hera Syndulla to have won Reserve Champion in ring 1 followed by Grand Champion in ring 2, earning her junior leg at the Heart of Oklahoma Show in Norman, OK.

Ring 1 under Justin Bassett

Viva TC Lyanna Stark – 1st
MerryTale RP Hera Syndulla – 2nd, Reserve Champion
MerryTale RP Ahsoka Tano – 3rd
MerryTale RP Amidala -3rd
Big Dream Acres BrideinLace – 7th

Justin’s championship lineup, including Lyanna, with Hera brought in to win Reserve from the 6-9 month class

Ring 2 under Jane Robinett

Viva TC Lyanna Stark – 1st place
MerryTale RP Hera Syndulla – Grand Champion
MerryTale RP Amidala – 1st place

MerryTale RP Ahsoka Tano – 3rd place
Big Dream Acres BrideinLace – 3rd place

Jane’s championship line up including Lyanna, Hera, and Amidala

I couldn’t have been prouder to have 2 of my girl’s in Justin’s champion line up and 3 in Jane’s lineup.

Jane said that she wanted to use Lyanna as the Reserve, but that she decided to go back to Hera’s class because it was such a big, deep class of nice does. And the doe that won reserve was a really nice kid, deserving of the win. We’ll give Lyanna time to grow and I don’t doubt that she’ll continue to shine in the ring.

Thank you to the handlers that help show my girls this weekend!

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