2020 Parker County Livestock Show

The Parker County Livestock Show is a youth show for 4H and FFA kids in Parker County, Texas. The dairy goat show places does into two classes: Nubians and AOP. So our Nigerian Dwarfs showed with the big girls! There were some beautiful Lamancha does that beat out our 2 year old second freshener, but we were proud just to show off the breed and our goats.

Daphne (age 6) and Fawn HR Treasures of Ruth placed first in their Under 2 in Milk class. The judge said he loved Treasure’s correctness.

Daphne and Fawn HR Treasures of Ruth

Clark (age 9) and BRK Dairy Farms Belle Star placed 4th in the AOP 2-4 Year Old Seniors class. Belle Star is a 2 year old second freshener and just couldn’t compete with the udder capacity and maturity of the older girls.

Clark and BRK Dairy Farms Belle Star

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